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Slack App Setup



Some Slack workspaces require an administrator to install third-party Slack applications. If your workspace is configured this way, your administrator will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Profile menu item.

  2. Click on Install App.

  3. Click the Add to Slack button.

    Slack Install 1

  4. This redirects to Slack’s application installation flow. Review the permissions and click Allow.

    Slack Install 2

  5. The Slack installation will be confirmed. If any errors arise, please contact

Slash commands

There are a number of slash commands offered in the application.

  • /metrist Check the status of a service. you’ll be prompted to choose one from a list.
  • /metrist <monitor-name> Check the status of a specific service..
  • /metrist <monitor-name> details See detailed statistics about a specific service.
  • /metrist list See high-level status of all Metrist-monitored services.
  • /metrist notifications Configure DM notifications for service degradation and outages.
  • /metrist subscriptions #channel-name Configure service degradation and outage notifications for a specific channel.
  • /metrist subscriptions list See all subscriptions.
  • /metrist subscriptions list #channel-name See all subscriptions for a specific channel.
  • /metrist help Output available slash commands.